How to contribute

To contribute to the World Hello Day film, you just need to create a short video clip using the INSTAGRAM photo sharing app. Instagram allows you to record clips up to 15 seconds duration. The ideal length for the World Hello Day film is between 5-10 seconds.

TYPES OF CONTRIBUTION: Alongside (the obvious) ‘HELLO’-type voxpop/talking heads, we’d love to see you getting really creative! For instance, you could film HELLO being
written/painted in different materials, or create short animations e.g. using lego, food,
whatever really. The more imaginative the better!

HOW TO SUBMIT: Create your short clip, post to instagram and make sure to tag it
#NextGenHELLO, along with your instagram username and country (both also hash-tagged). This will allow us to credit your contribution properly in the final film.

TIMESCALE: We need all contributions by 18th November 2013, as World Hello Day is on 21st Nov, so this will give us time to work on the final edit. The final piece will go online on 21st November 2013. We’ll promote via this blog, twitter, facebook – and it would be great if you could also help by sharing the film with your networks!


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